KOLLAD | A Captivating Land

Kerala’s towns are far removed from big-city concrete jungles, and the dividing line between urban and rural is fine indeed, with green avenues and placid backwaters gracing the busiest cites, and tarred roads and public schools evident in smallest villages.

Palm-fringed river side, endless paddy fields, rolling hills, back waters that snake past tiled-roof house and spotless village roads: Kollad is a land of unmatched beauty. Malayali society is unique, boasting a highly literate population, a sex ratio favoring women, matriarchal sub-societies and a people unfettered by the divisions of case and creed. Diverse religions live here in peaceful amicability, each enriching the state with its customs and practices. Add vibrant arts and colorful festivals, ancient shrines and delectable cuisine, and Kollad is a must stop destination.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Kottayam Flower Show 2015 will be held from January 15 -18 at Kottayam Nagampadam Maidan. This is conducted in association with Agri Horticultural Society. Don't miss your chance to see the collection of flowers, variety of plants,  fruits and vegetable. Information regarding flower show timing will be updated here soon.

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